New Zealand Reptile collection and Maori designs

New Zealand has a variety of Geckos found throughout New Zealand. They are very slow breeders and have been known to live for over 40 years. NZ Gecoks give birth to live geckos, unlike others around the world that lay eggs. They can shed their tail while being eaten by a predator and escape to eventually grow a new one.

Tuatara are the only living members of an ancient group of reptiles called Sphenodontida, and are found only in New Zealand. Their appearance has changed little over the past 225 million years. Tuatara are known as New Zealand’s "living fossil". Tuatara - A Maori name, means "spiny back".

It is currently considered a CITES (Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species)

The Twist   The pikorua as the twist is called in Maori stands for the bond between two people. This maybe by friendship, love, or blood.

The twist symbol also resembles the path of life and eternity. In this context it refers to the everlasting bond between two persons which will never fade even if these persons will be separated for short or longer periods.

The shape of the pikorua resembles the paths of life these persons take and how they always will be back to together.  


The Fish Hook   For the Maori, the hei matau is taonga (a cultural treasure). It represents their land,,prosperity and fertility.   Also symbolizes prosperity,  represents strength, determination and good health.  It provides safe journey over water.  


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Fern Tuatara
New Zealand's living fossil - Found only in New Zealand, the pre-historic Tuatara is one of the olde..
Fish Hook
 For the Maori, the hei matau is taonga (a cultural treasure). It represents not only their..
Large Paua Gecko
There are a variety of Geckos in New Zealand, found throughout both Islands.  They are very slo..
Small  Patterned Tuatara
Small  Tuatara Patterned  Colours available: Aged Bronze Pewter Bright c..
TWIST - The eternity symbol.  Represents the joining together of two people. Though peopl..