Landscape Austrailia

Issue 22 - year 2000

New Zealand Gargoyle Voted Best New International Garden Statue.

The best new garden statue from 1999 is a sitting gargoyle made by Syd Breeze, a sculptor inn Auckland, New Zealand.  The gremline, painted in bronze or rust, wears a wry smile.  Glossy black eyes give it an amusing, sympathetic air, according to the judges.

The Solid Award for Statuary is presented by Solid citizen, the US trade newspaper of the garden statue industry.  This is the first year for the award.  

Four art students in Paris, empanelled as judges, unamimously chose Breeze's gargoyle from the four finalists.

Breeze's gargoyle will settle very well in a garden surrounded by plants and their root systems said judge Jean-Baptiste Lestringant.  The evident veins on his arms give the impression of being his own roots. 

Grunta has been a popular addition to Stone Talk Sculptures which currently has 52 pieces in its range, including Meerkats, Mr Teddy, Tuataras, Egyptian dogman, the New Zealand Takahe and limited editions.