Recycled Design

New range of One off designs, crafted from recycled materials - damaged timber furniture, chairs, lighting, aluminum, iron and recycable textures.  

Syd is inspired by the opportunity to divert reusable resources from waste by re-creating and crafting fuctional designs for use in the home.   

We are applying to be a social enterprise business as we endeavour to support our community by helping to reduce waste going to landfill on items that can be reused, redesigned and recrafted into quality functional homewares, jewellery, art, furniture, lighting .......... the creative elements are endless.

 The majority of our profits will be reinvested into the business to locate unwanted items, promote our business for recycable items and costs involved in restoring each product. 

We are excited with this completely new  creative development, giving us an opportunity to recreate a solid, lasting, quality and un-replacable product to customers.  Syd will be able to create something new everytime! in a one off capacity, while still being at an afforable price.  

Most of all - we will be able to support our community by reducing waste of reusable items going into landfill.   

Watch this space! 

Nga mihi






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