About Us

International Award Winning sculptor Syd Breeze has been sculpturing for the past 30 years. He has worked in many mediums including bone carving, wood carving, pottery, bronze casting, concrete, wax, plaster and polyresin.

Syd’s unique style and detailed work won him the International Garden Sculpture of the Year 2000, and runner-up in 2001 as Judged by Solid Citizen an American based competition. (view our media page for articles written about Syd's pieces)

Although never formally taught, sculpturing has been a passion for Syd for as long as he can remember. He has always being drawn to the texture and detail in the natural environment and bone structures.

Syd was born in New Zealand, raised in Christchurch and later Hobsonville, Auckland and now resides on Auckland’s North Shore.

Syd’s poly resin range depicts detail, originality and creativeness while incorporating a New Zealand flavour which makes these pieces unique. This popular range embodies a strong New Zealand element incorporating the roots of New Zealand historical icons such as the Tuatara, Koru fern frond and Nikau palm while linking in New Zealand’s Maori culture in his design such as the fish hook and twist. 

Each piece is initially sculptured from plastercine taking many hours even weeks to complete, a mould and cast is then made. Each piece is hand painted and the final touches of paua are added. After eight processes from start to finish the piece is ready for sale. 

Recycled Design Is a new business we have developed from using inorganic materials -  recycled timber, iron, tin - most metals and many other recyclable items.  Syd will use these pieces to recreate  retro furniture and lighting designs.  This business is being developed and items for sale are one off pieces listed on trade me.  As the product range grows, we endeavour to provide a trade only resource for interior designers and architects to supply the design industry with unique products,  that are a one off functional products made from recycled materials and incorporating a variety of quality,rare and timeless materials. 

Syd has been commissioned for pieces both large and small, from one off pieces to limited editions, and has been approached by New Zealand museums for commissioned works.